[Dunia: Into a new world] 두니아~처음 만난 세계 - Kim Gyeongsik Dunia travel! 20180610


Published on Jun ,11 2018

Kim Gyeongsik Dunia travel! 
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[Dunia: Into a new world]

World's first! 
MBC × Nexon collaborate to create a program.
The game 'DURANGO ARCHIVE' is reborn with MBC entertainment! 
Domestic game population 30 million times. Domestic game market size is 10.8 trillion won!
Like 'Resident Evil', 'Warcraft', 'Assassin's Creed', 'Pocket Monster'
There were many movies and animations based on games.
There is no TV entertainment program !!
Real TV show program
Fantasy that can be borrowed from games (virtual space-time, character growth
Cinematic story development)
The world's first game original TV entertainment program will be released!

★★★More "Dunia: Into a new world" clips are available★★★
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